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We have broadcasted more then 1000 sport events for past few years

We are very proud of modern downlink SNG "PERSEUS", coincident with four-camera television pickup station.

The studio is situated in the centre of Kiev and has all required technical possibilities and creative abilities for the production of TV programs with broadcast quality.

These are:

  • receiving satellite complex (Downlink)
  • the transmission equipment for linear and non-linear assembling
  • the complex for multishot toning and TV programs back up
  • the studio for sport and news programs.
  • creative department and "Poverkhnost-design" graphic design studio


We can provide you with our studios for shootings of news programs and entertaining shows.

We can also make decor, editing and sound editing of the broadcast.


The "POVERKHNOST TV" company provides exclusive rights to advertising at its sport broadcast. Our expert personnel work out several advertising projects, which are very interesting. If you use the objective control data from AGB Ukraine Company, you can estimate the result of your advertising activity. The high broadcast figures and popularity of our sport programs allows you to show your steadiness and confidence.


Graphic Disign Stidio of the company provides full package of creative services in TV dйcor broadcast and production, adaptation of advertisement video, using the technology of multilayer video compositing, 3D graphic and character animation, graphic and TV design.

Our designers use graphics station line based on dual-processor PC engines and Apple Macintosh to increase the production speed.


Separate department of our company works out the software for the external-economic activity.

The software by RSC Poverkhnost specialists is certificated and compatible with unified automatic informing system of Ukraine Customs.


Customs department programmers work out and support MD-Office software package:

  • information storage and retrieval system in external economic commercial activity;
  • normative-reference base of state authority documents;
  • broad spectrum of software, aimed at automatic performance of  record maintenance and stock accounting.

We work for YOU!




The channels of "Poverkhnost TV" broadcasts the Premier League

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