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For more than 6 years “Poverkhnost” company have been providing technical and creative support of the broadcasts of the top-level sporting events

The company "POVERKHNOST RSC" offers you the full service package of video production and satellite transmission today.


  • shootings, recordings and cutting in Beta cam SP format;
  • satellite transmission of sport events broadcasting; concerts, festivals;
  • live transmission of the reports for news programs;
  • TV link-ups.


We are giving services both at the places of the events, using the modern satellite station SNG, and at the studio, which is situated in a center of Kiev.

We can offer you additional service such as:

  • receiving satellite complex (Downlink);
  • broadcasters’ complex (ENG crew);
  • the studio for sport and news programs shootings;
  • video and audio equipment lease.


Our company is proud of SNG "PERSEUS" station, made in England. The equipment of the station is set on the base of "Mercedes-Benz Sprint" automobile and it is functionally integrated into:

  • four cameras video shooting package;
  • video and audio cutting complex;
  • satellite connection complex.



For the shootings we use digital cameras DXC-D35PK by Sony with CanonYJ18x9B optics. The cameras equipped with new electronic viewfinder DXF-801(1,5); horizontal resolution to 600 TVL. The usage of the digital signal processing allows to increase correlation signal/noise of the video path to 61 dB, make the horizontal resolution 880 TVL.; to realize the correction of the shot (SKIN-effect function) and to have advanced set of additionally adjustable colour temperature filters (3200К, 5600К+1/8 ND, 5600К, 5600К+1/64 ND). Built in intensification to 36 dB and usage of the DPR technology allows to shoot with low brightness (to 0,25 Lux).

Each camera
connects to SNG station through triax camera channel as part of:

  • camera adapter СА-ТХ7Р;
  • controller block ССU-ТХ7Р;
  • remote-control panel RCP-ТХ7;
  • triax cable 100m long.

The usage of the video camera controller block and the remote-control panel allows you to control almost any operation mode of the camera including: aperture priority, shutter drop speed, balance set, toggle intensification etc. The controller output (componentYcrCb-3xBNC and digital SDI-BNC) is connected to producer video stand  (DFS-700P) and digital video switch.

Video- and audio- cutting complex

The video cutting in the station is conducted with the using of the Sony PVW 2800P recorders. If A/B ROLL cutting organization required, an additional videotape recorder and editing comptroller are used, for them there have been reserved installation places. For video-mixing we use the digital station DFS-700P. The station allows to work both with analog (4 component YcrCb-3xBNC inputs) and with digital (4 inputs SDI-BNC) signals. The mixing system with the capability of using more than 500 programmed effects, including nonlinear and coloration effects, existence of two credits entering channels, DSK and color rear projection with Avto Chromakey function, inner memory for one frame allows us to realize various creative projects.

The television director place is equipped with nine color displays, six of them-LCD (6”), two programming (9”) and one controlling (14”).

At sound producer sit there is a mixer-station Allen`n`Heath WZ14:4:2, which contains 14 (10-mono, 4-stereo) input channels and 4 mixing groups. On every channel there are input amplifier, four-lane equalizer, filter of high-frequencies, full-sized fader, phantom feed. If you need to connect additional devices to the station into a severance of input and output lines, there are 4 AUX lines have been placed to the station. Peak monitor indicator, indicators on a bus-bar of mixing, the tap mode make this station comfortable in work with operative controlling of several sound sources by one operator. Commutation of video- and audio- signals inside the station, signals outlet to the panel of external connections is being conducted via manual and automatic switchboards of the Network company. Using of these switchboards allows us easily to configure the structure of complex for specific objectives of the video-producing.


On the panel of external the station connections such outlets:

  • Input video-signals – three composite (BNC), three digital SDI (BNC);
  • Input audio-signals – six mono mic/line, six stereo line, two talkback;
  • Output video-signals – four composite (BNC), two digital SDI (BNC);
  • Output audio-signals – four mono aux send, three stereo line, two talkback.



Satellite Communications Centre


For the organization of satellite reception- and transmission of the channels, the SNG station is manned with:

  • 1.5 antenna system Advent;
  • Two 180 Wt transmitting amplifiers Marconi;
  • Dual-range LNB Swedish Microwave;
  • Grid – DVB MPEG coder DBE 4110 Thomson;
  • Digital satellite receiver M2/PSR/942C Alteia;
  • Comptroller of management of waveguide section and transmitting amplifier.


Using of high-powered amplifiers allows to establish a connection from the territory of Ukraine with any satellite operator and/or to provide with automatic hot reserve (1+1).

The used decoder DBE 4110 corresponds to systems DSNG requirements . Input signals (video – one composite PAL/SECAM/NTSC, SDI and audio – two analog and two digital AES/EBU) are worked in accordance with algorithms MPEG2 4:2:0MP@ML or 4:2:2P@ML. Compression of the sound signal is accomplished by the standard MPEG1 Layer II (MUSICAM). Access to main parameters and configurations of the coder is accomplished from the front panel.

Satellite receiver PSR-942C has four outputs for the signal of L-diapason, which have been transmitted with the speed 1:44.5 Msymb/sec in QPSK modulation in 4:2:2P@ML, 4:2:0P@ML formats. From the output of the receiver we can receive two video-signals: digital SDI and analog (in PAL-B, G, I, M, N or NTSC-M standards). The receiver has wide functional and service capabilities. It has an indicator of the level of errors (BER), built-in generator of synchro-impulses, supports the system of conditional access Video Guard and RAS coding system. Access to main parameters and configurations of the receiver is being accomplished from the front panel. Additionally, SNG station also includes testing and monitoring subsystem.

It consists of phase and amplitude-frequency jacks of the Crystal Vision video-signal, multi-functional digital analyzer Hamlet DS601A, spectrum-analyzer TVA97 Swires, generator of testing and identification signals Courtyard CY430D. Autonomous built-in electro-generator Panda 6.5 PVM provides for work of the station in any place without using the outer power supply sources . When it`s hot or cold, as usual, conditioner/warmer is involved.

Our SNG station has been certified in Ukraine, has registration at leading satellite operators: Eutelsat, Sirius, New Sky Satellite.


We can provide you with our support during conducting of television surveys in Ukraine.


Our services were used by:

  • Inter (Ukraine)
  • NTV+ (Russia)
  • SAT.1 (Germany)
  • WDR (Germany)
  • Plazamedia (Germany)
  • Sport TV Portugal (Portugal)
  • VTM/Kanaal2 (Belgium)
  • Televizja Polska (Poland)



The channels of "Poverkhnost TV" broadcasts the Premier League

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