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Just facts...


  • 10 years on the publicity market
  • We offer effective advertising communications with consumers via sponsor and direct advertising
  • We have been offering advertising possibilities in sporting broadcasts of Champions League, as well as Professional Boxing Fights on the “1+1” channel for nine years
  • We accomplish a shooting and distribution of the materials in the best entertaining program – CMC
  • On our credit side there is an advertising distribution on six cable channels
  • In the period of our existence we have found and incarnated general interests with more than 1000 companies, which became our partners


See the “Poverkhnost TV” presentation (PowerPoint 1M)

Commercial department reklama@poverh.kiev.ua +38(044)2880066


You may look through the "Poverkhnost TV" company presentation on the link bellow.


The presentation at the format *.ppt
PowerPoint MS Office 97-2003

The presentation at the format *.pptx
PowerPoint MS Office 2007 


download (3,12 Mb)

download (840 Kb)

Advertisement department  reklama@poverh.kiev.ua  (+38044) 288.00.66



The channels of "Poverkhnost TV" broadcasts the Premier League

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